Electrolysis is the only medically approved method of permanent hair removal.  Many men and women have the problem of unwanted hair and electrolysis is the only permanent method to remove this hair.


15 Minutes £15.50 - Course of six £77.50

30 Minutes £28.00 - Course of six £140.00

45 Minutes £40.00 - Course of six £200.00

60 Minutes £50.00 - Course of six £250.00

Advanced electrolysis can treat:

Spider Veins

A Spider Naevus is a central dilated blood vessel, with smaller capillaries radiating from it like the legs of a spider They can be found in isolation or gathered together in clumps on areas such as the cheeks. 

Blood Spots

These are bright red vascular blemishes which lie just under the surface of the skin. They are dome shaped or slightly raised and are frequently found on the midriff, back or front. Most people aged over 30 have at least one and they are even more common in men than women.  

Red/Thread Veins

These are not broken capillaries but rather permanently dilated capillaries. They have very thin walls which constantly dilate and constrict. As we age, these vessels lose their elasticity and can become permanently dilated. There are numerous causes including: ageing, hereditary pregnancy, the rubbing of spectacles, smoking, energetic sports, temperature extremes and harsh weather exposure, hormones and skin fragility. They are commonly seen in a maturing 'English rose' complexion.

Millea/White Heads

These are tiny white hard lumps containing keratin which lie superficially under the surface of the skin and can be easily treated with ACP techniques. Their exact cause is unknown although they are often associated with dry skin which can be acidic. 

20 minute treatment of the above £28.00


There are various types of warts, including plane, common, seborrhoeic and verrucas. All can be easily and successfully treated. Warts can develop individually or in clusters, Seborrhoeic warts become more common with increasiog age and can grow up to two inches across.



Skin Tags

Skin Tags are very common and most frequently found on the neck and face. They often appear with a neck like a mushroom and vary in size from a tiny speck, smaller than a grain of uncooked rice, to the size of a large pea or even larger They are often found in areas of friction such as the underarm, groin, under the breasts or around the neck where necklaces may irritate. 

20 minute treatment of the above £40.00