Propil Expert Salon Treatment

A complete post-hair removal treatment bringing together more than 10% anti-regrowth active ingredients to slow down the growth of hair and reduce its density, combined with soothing active ingredients to calm irritation of the epidermis caused by hair removal. Your skin is softer and clear from hair for longer. From £4.00

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 Propil Expert Home Care Treatment

This intensive skin care is highly concentrated in "anti-regrowth" active ingredients to help you to keep your skin soft, hair free and beautiful for longer. Capislow combined with Pilinhib decreases the growth and density if hair, while Sepicalm and plant oils soothe, and soften skin sensitised by hair removal. Propil cream should be applied 1-2 per day between waxing £21.50.


Threading has been used for centuries in the east for hair removal. 100% cotton thread is twisted and rolled along the skin while lifting hair from the follicle. Threading is particulary effective on the eyebrows, giving a much clearer and more defined shape.


Eyebrow - £8.00

Lip - £7.00

Chin - From £7.00


Electrolysis is the only medically approved method of permanent hair removal. Some of our team have taken the advanced examinations to become members of the British Institute and Association of Electrolysis. Many men and women have the problem of unwanted hair and electrolysis is the only permanent method to remove this hair.


15 Minutes £14.00 - Course of six £70.00

30 Minutes £25.00 - Course of six £125.00

45 Minutes £35.00 - Course of six £175.00

60 Minutes £45.00 - Course of six £225.00


IPL treatments are quick and painless because the hair follicle is precisely targeted, not the surrounding skin. Four pulses of intense light disable the hair follicle causing irreversible damage which hinders new growth.

However only hair in the growth phase of the growth cycle will be effectively removed, therefore a course of IPL is recommended.

You can expect an average of 80% reduction of unwanted hair after 6-8 treatments and will last 3-5 years. 

Before any treatment a full consultation and patch test is required. At this time we will check all your medication for anything which may make your skin photosensitve, the suitability of your hair and how your skin reacts to the IPL.

It is very important to ensure that your skin is free of fake tan and that you have not been in the sun for at least 2 weeks. Also that you have not taken any ibuprofen in the 48hrs prior to any treatments.

Our unique IPL system can also treat skin complaints such as thread veins, age/ sun spots, acne, rosacea, open pores and scar tissue. Each of these treatments are priced individually and is subject to the condition and size of the area therefore a consultation is required. 


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