Luxury Manicure

Luxury Manicure the facial for the hands. Hands and arms are exfoliated; hydrating mask applied with heated mitts which will leave skin feeling soft and younger looking whilst stimulating nail growth.

Luxury Pedicure

Feet are exfoliated, prior to a mask and heated booties being applied and then massaged. This luxury pedicure soothes and cools tired aching feet, softens hard skin and helps calm skin irritations. Feet are left feeling soft and refreshed.

Manicure.                                       £22.00

French Manicure                           £23.00

Pedicure.                                       £23.00

French Pedicure                            £25.00

File & Polish                                  £15.00

French file & polish.                      £17.00

Nails Filed                                     £  7.00

Express Nail Extensions    FROM £27.00 

Acrylic Nail Extension        FROM £37.00

Acrylic Nail Wrapped         FROM £27.00

Infills                                              £27.00

Gelish Colour inc               FROM £ 6.00

Acrylic Soak Off                            £12.00

Nail Art                                          £POA

Gel Polish

Fed up with your polish chipping? Join the Gel Polish revolution! Gel Polish is cured under a UV lamp allowing you to carry on as normall with instantly dry nails. Polish can last up to 2-3 weeks without chipping.

Include Gel Polish with a manicure of pedicure for only £6.00 extra, or oppt for one of the treatments below.

Mini manicure with Gel Polish               £24.00

Mini french manicure with Gel Polish    £26.00

Mini pedicure with Gel Polish                £24.00

Mini french pedicure with Gel Polish     £26.00

Gel soak off                                           £ 7.00

Calgel Nails

Calgel is formulated from organic chemical compounds. The product is gas permeable therefore it dose not interfer with the natural metabolic action of healthy nails. This unique product is flexible and durable: its will strengthen and proitect nails without damage to your even when being removed.

Overlays               £34.00

French Overlays   £36.00

Soak Off               £ 9.00