Podiatry (also known as Chiropody) is a specialised, registered and regulated health profession concerned with the clinical diagnosis, treatment and management of a wide range of conditions affecting the feet and lower limb and all things related to the way we walk.

If you are diabetic, have poor circulation suffer from arthritis or have calluses, corns and thickened toenails then regular visits for general podiatry care are advisable. Not only will this keep your feet more comfortable on a daily basis, but it is the best way to prevent future problems from occurring.

Our feet help us balance and carry us a distance equivalent to 5 times around the earth during our lifetime; in return we rarely give them the attention that they deserve. If you have ever experienced foot pain or know the wisdom that "if your feet hurt you hurt all over" and since mobility is such an important part of our overall quality of life, maintaining foot comfort is a must.

  • Trimming and filing of toes
  • Treatment of any nail conditions
  • Removal of hard skin, corns and calluses
  • Exfoliation of rough, dry skin
  • Medical custom orthotic insole

Free foot assessment - a ten minute appointment allowing you the chance to discuss and determine the optimum solution for foot problems ranging from mechanical problems to aching feet.


30 minutes - £25.00