Tanning Pre Care

Before your tanning treatment;

Shave or wax 24 hours prior to tan application.                                                                                      2/3 days before exfoliate and moisturise the skin paying attention to dry areas.                                    On day of tan avoid waring make-up, deodorant and any oily body moisturisers. 

Post tan;

Wear loose clothing, flip flops and avoid waring your bar and white clothing as tan can mark.              Let tan develop for at least 8 hours and stay dry during this time.                                                      Avoid exercise, saunas and steam rooms etc to prevent tan sweating off.                                     Shower only after your recommended development time.                                                                       Do not use soaps on the skin as these bleach the tan only lightly skim over the skin surface to ensure all colour guide has been removed.                                                                                                Continue to avoid soap, always blot dry as rubbing exfoliates off the tan and keep the skin well moisturised for the next week.



Spray Tan

An airbrush tanning system that gives the ‘just off the beach’ look when leaving the salon.

1 Application £25.00

2 Applications £40.00

Half Body £16.00

Fake Bake Cream

A full body exfoliation followed by the application of Fake Bake cream tan. Unique technology allows this tan to penetrate deeper so the colour stays darker longer.

Full Body £35.00

Half Body £21.50

Alternatively pre the skin at home and only have the tanning cream applied.

Full body  £25.00

Half Body £16.00


Body Polish

The body is exfoliated to remove dead skin cells creating a silky smooth skin. Skin is then moisturise with a melanin activator if required. This is ideal pre holidays for an even tan, or as a pick me up to refresh skin.

Full Body £27.00