Imagine never again having to spend valuable time in the morning applying your most basic cosmetics such as eyeliner, brows and lips.

Semi-permanent make up allows you to create a subtle, natural looking cosmetic effect that will last from morning till night, day after day, ensuring you look your best at all times. We create soft natural looking effects to enhance your features.

Anyone who wears cosmetics regularly will benifit from the results of semi-permanent make up. The treatment can be used to simply enhance your natural beauty or alternatively correct cosmetic imperfections.

Semi-permanent make up is a form of cosmetic tattooing, where hypoallergenic pigments are placed in the dermal layers of the skin. these enhancments will fade over a period of time (1-5years) depending on your skin type.

Wake each morning with your perfect enhancements. No need to spend hours trying to match your eyebrows, smudging your lips or poking your eyes. How fabulous to have a dip in the pool on holiday and still have your eye liner and eyeborws on.

This procedure is carried out using the latest digital technology. All equipment is sterile and fully disposable.


Lip Liner £275.00

Eye Brow £275.00

Eye Liner (top or bottom only) £175.00

Eye Liner (top and bottom) £275.00

Top up if require 6 weeks after treatment £30.00

Re-fresh (1-2 years after 1st treatment) £140.00