Electrolysis is the only medically approved method of permanent hair removal.
Many men and women have the problem of unwanted hair and electrolysis is the only permanent method of removal.

Session Times & Prices

Please note a course is equal to 6 sessions

Session TimeOne Off PriceCourse Price
15 Mins£17.00
30 Mins£30.00£150.00
45 Mins£42.00£210.00
60 Mins£55.00£275.00

Advanced electrolysis

Our team carry out these procedures on a regular basis and are very experienced in all of these treatments and many more. If you have any skin imperfections, anywhere on your body, why not seek advice and see if they can be removed

Advanced electrolysis can treat:

20 minutes: £30.00

• Red/Thread Veins
• Milia/White Heads
• Spider Veins
• Blood Spots

20 minutes: £40.00

• Warts
• Skin tags