Our wax of choice is a warm cream wax which has moisturising properties and is much more gentle on the skin. This wax allows us to carry out treatments quickly, efficiently and with great comfort even for intimate areas.

Wax TreatmentPrice
Lip & Chin£13.00
Sides of Face£10.00
1/2 Arm£14.50
Full Arm£18.00
1/2 Leg£16.50
3/4 Leg£20.00
Full Leg£28.00
Standard Bikini£11.50
High Bikini£13.50
Brazilian Bikini£22.00
Hollywood Bikini£25.00
Under Arms£11.50
Lower Back£12.00
1/2 Leg, Bikini & Underarm£33.50
1/2 Leg, High Bikini & Underarm£36.00
1/2 Leg, Brazilian & Underarm£43.00
1/2 Leg, Hollywood & Underarm£45.00
3/4 Leg & Bikini£28.50
3/4 Leg & High Bikini£31.00
3/4 Leg, Bikini & Underarm£38.00
3/4 Leg, High Bikini & Underarm£40.00
3/4 Leg, Brazilian & Underarm£45.00
3/4 Leg, Hollywood & Underarm£49.00
Full Leg & Bikini£37.50
Full Leg & High Bikini£39.00
Full Leg & Brazilian£48.00
Full Leg & Hollywood£50.00
Full Leg, Bikini & Underarm£49.00
Full Leg, High Bikini & Underarm£47.00
Full Leg, Brazilian & Underarm£58.00
Full Leg, Hollywood & Underarm£60.00
Gents WaxingPrice
Back Wax£24.00
Back Wax, inc. Shoulder£30.00
Chest Wax£24.00
Chest Wax, inc. Shoulders£30.00
Back & Chest Wax£45.00
Back & Chest, inc shoulders£50.00
Upper Arms£17.00
Eyebrow Threading£8.00
Lip Threading£7.00
Chin Threading£7.00

Post Depilation Concentrate Treatment

This after wax treatment works to moderate hair regrowth, reduce the quality and quantity of hair, help reduce the possibility of ingrown hairs and makes waxing less painful. Application directly after waxing will soothe and calm irritation of the epidermis caused by hair removal. Follow on at home applying twice per day in-between your waxing treatments. Your skin will be softer and clearer from hair for longer.

Salon application: From £2.00
Home care 125ml bottle: £26.00