Sothys Facials

Introducing Sothys Paris, a legendary name, representing scientific excellence and prestige in the beauty world. A family business with a long tradition of quality and excellence. Sothys is present in 15,000 beauty centers in over 110 countries.

Hydra 3ha

Floods the skin with hydration for visibly plumper skin.

75mins : £83.00

Enter the world of total relaxation and Hydration with this luxurious 6 stage facial massage and mask treatment that uses clinically proven results.
Beginning with a French inspired shoulder and back massage you will Drench your skin in restorative multi–Hyaluronic Acids and Boletus 1055 extract to Restore, Reactivate and Rejuvenate, providing the ultimate key to younger looking rehydrated and supple skin.

Anti-aging Youth Intensive Treatment

Combat the sings of ageing, wrinkles and slackened skin with this targeted treatment

75min: £83.00

Turn back the Years and reveal a Youthful looking skin. Developed by Sothys Advanced Research Centre this Ultra-Targeted Advanced Treatment Range provides five key steps and eight totally unique and specific formulas to target and combat all signs of aging. Offering a Multi-zoning and Multi-Masking treatment you can enjoy a perfect moment of relaxation and professional skin care for a visibly younger skin.

Detox Energy Intensive Anti-Pollution Radiance

Treat the skin to a burst of energy and defend against harmful environmental effects

75min: £83.00

Restore the glowing Radiance and Detoxify and Deep Cleanse your skin to remove the effects of Pollution and Daily Environmental attacks. Using Organic Siberian Ginseng; a proven Adaptogen, to reactivate the Mitochondrial Energy cells alongside Organic Elderberry Extract combined with an active Vitamin C Mask to restore radiance, this luxury results driven treatment Oxygenates and Energises the skin, helping the defence against harmful effects of environmental stress limiting damage caused by pollution.

The ‘Secrets De Sothys’ Ultimate Treatment

90min: £120.00

Experience the ultimate skincare journey in
this 90-minute Ultra Luxury and Unforgettable Ritual will leave both your Inner Self and your Skin Balanced, Relaxed and Rejuvenated. From our Advanced Research Centre this treatment combines the scientifically sourced Cutting-Edge Rose Stem Cell Technology to reduce the cellular inflammation responsible for aging. It actively forms a Collagen and Elastin network to support new cellular growth. Increasing Hyaluronic acid production, it will plump and rejuvenate the skins natural reserves. Rare Porcelain oil reduces ‘Skin-flammation’ slowing down the aging process and Peach leaf extract for cellular defence against Pollution and Free Radicals. PURE BLISS!

The Essence Glow and Go Facial

30 mins: £30.00

Short of time? Unsure what you need? Let our Skincare Experts guide you. Leave the salon feeling refreshed with radiant glowing skin and a clear plan for your future skincare needs.

The Essence Deluxe Signature Facial

50min: £52.00

A luxurious introduction to Sothys luxury Treatments and Products. Let us analyse your skin to ensure a Synergistic Facial for your skins’ individual needs. Beginning with a double deep cleanse, tone and exfoliation we will use our exclusive Sothys Digi- Esthetique Massage to your face, neck and shoulders complete with a Digi-pressure scalp massage and mask.

Seasonal Oxygenating Treatment

60min: £65.00

Combining a French sourced Vitamin and Mineral cache of Ingredients you can Re-oxygenate and Re-energise the body, skin, and wellbeing with the change of seasons.

This treatment begins with a 15-minute relaxing and de-stressing back massage followed by 45-minute Radiance Oxygen facial. As our skin changes with the seasons so do our treatment ingredients to reflect Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter. Your skin will be Oxygenated, Hydrated, Smooth, Brightened and protected from the elements.

Soothing Spa Treatment for sensitive skin

45min: £55.00

With de-stressing Spa Thermal Water from the Unique Marie-Henriette Thermal Spa with its unique purity and mineral content and Limoges Porcelain Massage Spoons this luxuriously skin-kind treatment provides a soothing healing action reducing redness, inflammation, and the discomfort of sensitive skins. A soothing calming and protecting treatment.

Glysalac Double-Acid Peel

45 mins: £57.00

Combining two popular and extremely efficient chemical peels; Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid, this treatment will peel back your unwanted Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Congestion, Sun Damage and lack of Radiance. The treatment will finish with a Cosmeceutical Restorative serum to Protect and Repair the skins delicate Microbiome. This treatment can also be added into your other treatments to enhance the results – ask your Skin Therapist for more details.



Using a very small surgical blade this process physically exfoliates dead skin cells whilst also removing fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). The skin is left feeling super smooth and glowing.


45 minutes: £55.00

Diamond tipped wands are used to polish the top most layers of the skin. The diamond chips exfoliate and dead skin cells are vacuumed in a safe and controlled way. Elastin and collagen Fibres are stimulated simultaneously and cellular renewal is encouraged, This results in a visibly smoother, softer, firmer and more radiant youthful skin.

Holistic Facial

45 minutes: £37.00

A relaxing therapeutic facial that concentrates on massage to detoxify skin and body. Incorporating décolleté neck, shoulder, face and scalp massage with skin care.